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Our Hove Workshop has reopened!

We are absolutely delighted to inform you all that we have reopened our Portland Road studio again for art courses.

Details of all courses can be found on our DATES & FEES page.

The classroom has now been completely renovated and redecorated and we restarted our physical classes again on MONDAY 7TH SEPTEMBER!

In light of the current situation with Covid, we have made numerous changes to the way we operate. Please read the following details carefully and don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions.


Covid Changes to Artroom

Artroom Brighton has followed the government guidance and implemented all safety recommendations where it has been applicable and practicable to do so.  Our Public liability cover continues to operate and cover your children as intended. There is no exclusion under any sections relating to COVID-19. We have carried out an extensive risk assessment and have made the following changes.


Artroom Preparation for Lessons

  • The studio has been completely renovated for ease of cleaning
  • Tables and chairs will be washed down and disinfected between classes
  • All the desks arranged facing the front of the class
  • Repositioning of my whiteboard to the front of class room to ensure social distancing is upheld
  • Pupils sat at single desks (but can still communicate!)
  • Maximum of 14 pupils per class to ensure social distancing
  • Pencils, rubbers and paintbrushes cleaned between classes
  • Room always well ventilated


Pupil Preparation

  • Children will need to use toilet prior to the lesson, either at school or home. Toilet to be used only in ‘an emergency’
  • No bags, coats or personal effects allowed in studio
  • Bring own aprons / shirts to protect clothing
  • Face masks essential


Arrival Procedure 

  • One way system in operation – children dropped one at a time at front entrance of building. Parents take child’s bags/coats etc
  • Doors all propped open during arrival.
  • Children wash hands in studio before class


During Class

  • Teacher will wear a PPE visor
  • Teaching Assistant will wear PPE visor
  • Children will remain at their desks at all times
  • Lessons in the 6-10 age group reduced by 15 minutes to allow for stringent cleaning and less of a need for bathroom breaks


Collection Procedure

  • Parents queue outside studio, one child leaves at a time


Further Lockdown Contingency

Should we go into another lockdown, mid-course, or if a situation arose whereby I had to isolate, Artroom courses would be completed via the online Zoom platform.

Parents would collect pupil’s work and materials from the studio.

Zoom is a platform that I have now had extensive experience of and I am confident that meaningful, artistic content can be delivered to your children via this format.


Holiday Courses

We are delighted to be offering practical and safe studio based school holiday courses for your children once again. Please click here for more details.


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