Pupils are taught how to produce successful and interesting art, using a variety of materials, processes and techniques through a series of structured and guided practical workshops. Pupils work week by week, slowly building towards a finished piece of work. We also work regularly in sketchbooks. Previous topics include Modigliani inspired self portraits in acrylic, Patrick Caulfield style interiors and Surrealist Photomontage.

Courses run for half an academic term. (or slightly shorter)

Class time options:

Mondays 3.45pm – 5pm

Tuesdays 4pm – 5.15pm

Thursdays 4pm – 5.15pm

Fridays 3.45pm – 5pm

Saturdays & Sundays Closed

Appropriate for children aged 6 – 10 years

Our NEXT course will begin on Monday 8th November and will run for 6 weeks, until Friday 17th December. The cost is £75 or £135 for siblings.

It will be based on the closely connected yet distinct Japanese movements of Manga and Anime, which share many similarities, but are separated into printed illustrations, usually in comic book form, when referring to the former, or animated cartoons and films when talking about the latter.