Through a series of guided demonstrations, pupils create a piece of work , following the style of an artist or movement. Each day has a different theme (see below for details).

Ages 6-12

£40 per day or £72 for siblings and a packed lunch is required.

COURSES START AT 9am PROMPT and finish at 3pm

Our holiday workshops will only have 14 places to allow for social distancing. Please pay by BACS. In the unlikely event of going into a national lockdown, full refunds will be issued.

Workshops can be booked by phone, email or text. If phoning to cancel a place on a workshop within 24hrs of the class, please call the Artroom mobile number NOT the landline, as messages left during that time may not be picked up.

IMPORTANT: Once you have booked your place on a workshop it is CONFIRMED, even before payment is made. Please do not fail to inform us you will not be attending on the assumption that because you have not paid, you are not confirmed.

Details for BACS payments can be found on the Dates & Fees page: important note – please clearly state the child’s name and the date of the workshop they are attending within the BACS process.

Workshops must be paid for prior to the day. Please confirm booking before making payment.


Week One

Monday 19th July: Snoopy / Basquiat mash up!

Tuesday 20th July: Native American ink paintings

Wednesday 21st July: Among Us / Yves Tanguy Surrealism!

Thursday 22nd July: Takashi Murakami / Kandinsky mash up!

Friday 23rd July: Ben Allen inspired Pop Art

Week Two

Monday 26th July: Lego Street Art

Tuesday 27th July: Studio Ghibli Totem Poles!

Wednesday 28th July: Muppet’s / Van Gogh mash up!

Thursday 29th July: Star Wars / Picasso mash up!

Friday 30th July: Super Mario Street Art

Week Three

Monday 2nd August: Jon Burgerman doodle art

Tuesday 3rd August: Surrealist Collages

Wednesday 4th August: Among Us / Miro mash up!

Thursday 5th August: Raymond Briggs Street Art

Friday 6th August: Minecraft / Mondrian mash up!

Week Four

Monday 9th August: Sonic the Hedgehog / Basquiat mash up!

Tuesday 10th August: Fauvist Sussex landscapes

Wednesday 11th August: Britto / Disney paintings

Thursday 12th August: Harry Potter / Picasso mash up!

Friday 13th August: Among Us street art